Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garden Season has Begun

With my first squash (zucchini) harvest the garden season has officially started!!

My tomato plants are flowering, my peas are ready to be picked, my turnip greens are already blanched & in my freezer (if your from NL you know what it it)... and soon hopefully I'll have cucumbers too!

It really does amaze me. I started with tomatoes, peppers and lettuce in plastic buckets on the patio of my single-life apartment. Now 10 years later I have an in-ground garden (that my hunny made me) and plants that come back every year, some with more gusto than I'd like. Just goes to show you what you can do when your determined & have some awesome compost (all the stinky fruit & ved does make a difference). This year everything went so well my tomatoes from last year came back to life & mutlipled... A LOT. I have around 90 growing - not exaggerating I stoped counting at 85!

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