Monday, November 30, 2009

Piece of the pie

What does it mean to be a woman in 2010?? I find a lot of girlfriends are looking for answers to the same questions - how can we be everything we think we are supposed to.

Every woman I know is trying to figure out what to be ... a wife, a mother, an employee or employer, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a therapist and so much more.

More importantly, how do we find time for everything?? Home cooked meals beacuse they are more nutritious and inexpensive; work long hours so we have our careers & of course pay the bills; recycle for the environment; help charity; work out to lose our back fat & love handles; spend time with our kids, husbands, family, friends... oh and somewhere in there find time for ourselves so we don't lose who we are in the process.

I look at it like a big pie. Sometimes there is a bigger piece for family (especially when your children are sick), sometimes a bigger piece for work, your husband, friends, charity, and of course there is always the tiniest piece for yourself. Above all else you need to always know that YOU WILL be able to do everything because you are a woman. At one time we were not allowed to vote because we were 'just a woman' now we are able to do all this because we are 'just a woman' ... but what many of us don't even know is that no woman is 'just a woman', these days most are 'just a superwoman'.

This blog is meant to share the stories as I try to be just a woman. Hopefully people will share their advice and I will be able to pass on any useful insights I learn.