Friday, April 23, 2010

No place like home... when your sick.

Despite a few thoughts that I may actually be crazy, I packed up a few suitcases, hopped on a few planes & came back to my roots in Newfoundland for a few weeks - yes a few weeks with my 2 kids! Minus a few mishaps (like remembering my double stroller was in the garage as I pulled up to the airport) the traveling went relatively easy - as easy as it can be traveling with an almost 3 year-old & a teething 9 month old!

Then I think my body actually realized I was back on familiar soil & could relax, because the day after arriving I got struck with the most gruesome flu bug! I was so thankful to have family around to take care of my kids - mostly because I was in & outta consciousness! It felt ok to be sick cause I knew I had help. Just like it was great today when I dropped my baby off at my aunt's so I could take my toddler swimming.

It is so nice to have my family around, I can understand why many people my age are moving back here - if my family was closer I'd never have to watch my kids! I'm also inspired, although it's a pain to get everyone together for a dinner, when I get back home I'm going to re-start weekly family dinner with my in-laws, who knows perhaps my mother-in-law will cook too!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Night out!

Every now & then my man does something good. Recently he got his mom to watch the kids to take me out for a suprise dinner ... although I had already made supper & was planning on an early evening I got gussied up & to my suprise had a great time. Not being out in adult company often a few things were a bit errie, like how quiet & quick the dinner was; and how the waiters asked where our kids were (guess we eat there a bit). But we managed through & at the end of the evening I cuoldn't believe how relaxed I was. Perhaps it was the excpetional food that was presented so nicely, or not having to keep reminding a kid to either keep his pants on or stop singing to other tables (he's in his 2's), either way it was a great night! It's WAY too easy to get caught up in life, whether it's kids, work or whatever... I hope I remember this night & take more time to just be.
p.s. for those of you in Laval/Montreal wondering where this place is... it's Sushi Palace (25 Cure-Labelle in Ste-Rose) & it's an all you can eat sushi place (when I first heard all you can eat sushi I too thought it's suck, but it's great!). Not only do they have sushi, but thai, chinese & a whole buncha stuff!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Growing up for me Easter meant LOTS of chocolate, new clothes for school, cool pj's and some girlie accessories like new hair clips! However, as I speak with friends I find out for them Easter was just another day off except they get to gorge on chocolate & food!

For the past few years we've been hopping in our car & driving 5-6 hours to spend the holiday with my childhood friends and now that we have kids we've started an Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday morning... even after having celebrated & gorged on food ourselves the night before. Nothing was funnier to me this Easter morning when I see my kid taking cues from his older friend to look in places for plastic easter eggs... then when he dropped one & candy spilled out that was it for him. He no longer cared about finding eggs & got down to business at emptying the 2-3 eggs in his basket! Once he realized the other boy was still finding eggs he got back in the game, but only to get a few more theen went back to eating them! I know Easter will be more fun as he grows older & we have to get more creative in hiding eggs, but for now I couldn't have asked for a better Easter - and not just cause the sun was shinning!