Thursday, August 5, 2010


Like all good things, vacations are best enjoyed in moderation. Unfortunately this pale-skinned red head did not follow those guidelines and is enjoyed some really red skin!

Thankfully today is an overcast day that we will spend shopping. Now if I could only had a job I could do some serious damage to my Amex! Hopefully that won't be an issue for much longer, since I am in the process of interviews with a few companies.

The prospect of work brings me to my next question.. can a family with young children survive with 2 parents in high-demand jobs? My husband currently has a job that ties him to his blackberry and the thought that I may soon join him with the job-driven obsession creates mixed feelings. The financial security is an obvious plus, but I cannot help wondering how we will manage it all??? And where will I find time for baking, training and gardening on top of time with the kids... and perhaps a date or two???

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